This is the first Peppakarta Episode.


(Every character on Peppa Pig series teleported to Indonesia)

(On the sky of Java island)

Peppa: Woah! Where are we?

Narrator: This is Indonesia.

(Every Peppa Pig characters teleported to their houses)

(Cuts into Peppa and her family's house)

Narrator: This is Bendi Raya Number 55, South Jakarta. This is going to be Peppa's house.

Mummy Pig: This is our home!

Peppa and George: Hooray!

(Every furniture teleports to Peppa's House)

Mummy Pig: (Shows the TV) This is going to be our TV, LG smart tv from 2015.

Peppa and George: Yay!

Daddy Pig: (Shows the Microwave) This is going to be our Microwave, Samsung.

Peppa and George: Ooooh!

Daddy and Mummy Pig: We show another furniture later.

Peppa: What about Light bulb? This house is dark!

(Every Light bulbs teleports to Peppa's House)

Peppa and George: Hello Light bulbs!

(Cuts into Rebecca's Apartment room)

Narrator: This is going to be Rabbit family's Apartament room, Gandaria Heights.

Mummy, Daddy and Miss Rabbit: This is going to be our apartment room!

Rebecca and Richard: Woohoo!

(Cuts into Suzy's house)

Mummy Sheep: This is going to be our home!

Suzy: Yay!

The End

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