Peppa has here worst nightmare ever.


Peppa:Good Night Mummy

Mummy Pig:Night Peppa

(peppa goes to sleep)

Peppa:Oh, where am I?

Peppa:Oh Im on log flooting on a river of lava

(gush of lava falls on the log destroying half of it)


(the logs comes to a stop)

Peppa:Few I can get of here

(walks into a haunted house)

(door slams shut)


Peppa:I'm in the basment (breathing heavily) (see's ghost's shadow)

Peppa:AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! (breathing as heavily as ever) (runs out of room)

Peppa:I'm getting out of here and back into my own house

Peppa:Oh wait the floor is broke and I can't reach, I'm running into the garden

(runs into garden)

Peppa:I'm getting out of this place

(can't jump over fence)

(ghost shadow approaches)


Peppa:Few it was just a dream (lifts up coca cola and minstrels) Well im not taking these both on Thursady night's anymore.


Peppa is the only character in this episode (the ghost shadow and Mummy Pig's voice don't count as appearance's)

The house was a real house in the show located in a field 80 miles away from Peppa's house

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