Peppaland Route 3 is on the Peppaland Turnpike alongside with Peppaland Route 121 through most of the city then 3/4 way through the city going south, it merges off at Exit 3 of Peppaland Turnpike in Peppatown ↩ and stays on desert avenue heading eastbound until a junction with Gazelle street [Route 11], then goes south on North Wale road to Peppadelphia.


​Continued into a diffrent area Exit 1: Hingham Drive [Peppaland Route 41] (Note: Southern Terminus of courrency with Route 121) 

Exit 2: Facial Street [Peppaland Route 18] (Note: Northern Terminus of courrency with Route 18]

Exit 3: Desert Avenue [Peppaland Route 3] (Note: Merges off Peppaland Turnpike [Route 18] onto Desert Avenue)

Wick Street (Note: To a dead end)

Gazelle Street [Route 11] Goes ➡ onto North Wale Road

Continues into Peppadelphia



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