[shows Nickelodeon logo]

[Nickelodeon logo fades out, then back in and back out]

[shows Walt Disney Pictures Distribution logo, then fades out]

[Astley Baker Davies logo is shown]

[cuts to inside a theatre]

Daddy Pig: We're going to see Peppchanted.

Peppa: Isn't that a portmanteau of my name and the word "enchanted"?

Man at Ticket Booth: There you go, if you want something to eat, go over to the snack bar.

[The Pig Family walk to the snack bar]

Peppa: 4 tubs of popcorn, please!

Lady at Snack Bar: Here's your popcorn. *gives popcorn to Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa and George*

George: This popcorn tastes yummier than spaghetti!

[The Pig Family walk downstairs, into the hallway]

Mummy Pig: Alright, look for the word "Peppchanted".

[Peppa sees the theatre room for Peppchanted]

Peppa: Look, there it is!

[Everyone heads inside the room for Peppchanted]

Man: Your seat is at row 5.

[The Pig Family walk up to the fifth row and sit down]

Mummy Pig: Look! It's coming on!

Male Voice: This film may contain flashing lights. If you are prone to seizures, leave the cinema immediately.

Female Voice: If you are using a phone, turn it off now. Thank you.

[The lights turn off]

Peppa: I'm excited!

[shows trailer for the film Peppa Pig : The Movie 3 and Peppa Pig 4: The Lost Gem]

[The actual movie comes on]

[shows the word "Peppchanted"]

Female Narrator: Once in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, there lived a pig named Peppa. Peppa was a teen, and she wore a red dress.

Peppa: I know he's out there somewhere...*sighs*

Suzy Sheep: Maybe he is, Peppa.

[Peppa elepig appears]

Peppa elepig: Girl yummy!

Peppa: [screams]

Peppa elepig: Hey, I'm supposed to eat you now.

[Suzy pushes Peppa elepig off the roof]

Suzy: Everything's safe now, Peppa.

[Peppa falls off the windowsill, onto the road]

Peppa: Oh, my gosh! It's you!

Pedro Pony: Yes, and you are...?

Peppa: Peppa.

Pedro: Oh, Peppa, we shall be married in the morning...

[Cuts to Peppa getting out of a limo]

Danny Dog: Hey.

[Peppa runs up the stairs]

[Suzy Sheep ties a ribbon around Peppa's waist]

[Danny Dog locks the gate]

Suzy Sheep: What do we look like? Garbage?

[Emily Elephant appears in the disguise of Granny Pig]

Peppa Pig: Oh, my.

Emily Elephant: What a lovely bride! Come follow me.

Peppa Pig: OK.

Emily Elephant: Toss a coin into the wishing fountain.

Peppa Pig: And they all lived-

Emily Elephant: *pushes Peppa into the fountain* So long, sucker! *transforms back*

Danny Dog: Where did you send her?

Emily Elephant: To a place where no anthropomorphic animals exist.

[cuts to inside the fountain]

Peppa: AAAH!

[A tiny star comes out of nowhere]

Peppa: What's this?

[A tiny star forms on Peppa, followed by more stars]

[Peppa falls into a swirling blue light]

Peppa: I wonder where I am? *takes off the manhole cover* This is different. *goes onto the road and chases a taxi*

Unnamed Old Woman: YOU'RE ADOPTED!

Peppa: Can anyone help me find my way back home?

Write the rest, 2005EvimothCity.