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Pepposity Island is a fanon island. It formed in 1923.


1923: It formed.

1938: Founded by Pepposity.

1943: First city created.

1957: TVs and phones and computers created.

1958: First show created.

1961: Beach created.

1976: First game created.

1985: New computer created: The Peppdows.

1989: Island War I

1994: Island War II

1997: Island War III

2000: Peppdows 2000

2005: PepposityTube created.

2008: Neddsworld created.

2010: Battle for Pepposity Island created.

2011: Inanimate Peppsanity created.

2013: Inanimate Peppsanity 2 created, Battle for Pepposity Island hiatus

2016: BFPI hiatus ended, IPFB created.

2017: Inanimate Peppsanity 2 episode 11 delay.


Name Date founded Population
Pepposity City January 1, 1943 193,213,470
Pepposity Bay February 3, 1944 23,213
Headville April 1, 1947 555
Nose City June 19, 1950 223,114
Shoulder Town August 1, 1985 987,654
Peppisoty City June 3, 2012 12,345

Famous Restaurants

  • McPepposity (McDonalds spoof)
  • Pepposity King (Burger King spoof)

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