I'll help you all!
— Petunia, sacrificing her life to save her family from the Chinese fire

Petunia Pig ("Petuniá Pig") on her birth certificate) is Peppa's sister and is 14 years old.

Cherie Pig has the same facial structure (and facial design) as Petunia.

She also has a personality called "Super Petunia".


Petunia wears a sparkly lavender dress. In ‘Trip to China’, she wears a periwinkle Hanfu dress with designs of Chinese flowers and dragons. In her childhood, she wore a white dress. The nightrobe that Petunia wore in ‘Pepperika makes an enormous mess all over the house while the Heffley family is visiting from another universe’ was also coloured white. She was a tomboy, like her younger sister Peppa. On George's Fourth Birthday, Petunia wore a formal, puffy, elaborate, and enormous periwinkle gown with periwinkle flowers in her hair. She also wore a purple choker on her neck. She's the thinnest pig in the family. Her head points at the chin and goes back up, with a big, slightly triangular circle. All of Petuniá's outfits (with the exception of her nightrobe and her Hanfu) have a low neckline revealing the upper part of her chest. Petunia was mentioned in Poppies and Puddles but did not physically appear. Petunia liked computers and soccer.


  • Her favourite flower is the petunia ironically.
  • She appeared in a portrait in the live-action part of the episode "Priscilla Pig" and jumped out of it.
  • In "Trip to China", "Emily's Attack" and "Priscilla Pig", Petunia sounds very similar to Peppa as she is voiced by the same actress as Peppa. The sound effects team used special sound effects to make Harley Bird's voice older while Harley Bird was voicing Petunia.
  • Petunia's hair is magenta as a baby.
  • Even though she has hair she is not a mutant.