I'm a strong, independent pig who doesn't need a man
— Phoebe, to Cherie Pig that she (Phoebe) doesn't need a man
Phoebe Pig is Peppa's older sister. She likes flowers and computers and is 2 years younger than Cherie Pig. Sometimes Phoebe complains that George wrecked her flower bed, although she doesn't say it a lot because George is now four.


She wears a lime green dress and black shoes. Phoebe has long brown hair with a pink-and-red streak and in the upper corner, there is a red artificial flower. Her first appearance was on "Poppies and Puddles". In Dance Class Phoebe's dress has been removed and she wears a loud green shirt and black jeans, and her hair is in a bun, rather than curly and wavy. When Phoebe is gardening, she wears planting gloves and Cherie's old clothes. She wears her hair in a bun to keep it out of the way, as she does NOT want to get her hair dirty. Phoebe is almost as thin as Petunia Pig and they are also more humanistic.