12 Peppa This page has been rated 12 meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under the age of 12.

Part 1

George: *slides around* AAAAAAAAH

Peppa: George?

George: *crashes* Ow, man that hurt :(

Peppa: *flys up and sings up song from alphablocks*

George: UP!? WTF IS THIS? *starts flying* Oh no not me too!

Mrs Rabbit: *flying* Hello there! :)

Peppa: Mrs Rabbit!?

Mrs Rabbit: Yeh.

Peppa: *turns green* Why am I green?

George: *turns blue* And why am I blue?

Mrs Rabbit: Cuz ur stupid XD

Peppa: *falls* :o AAAAHHH!

George: *falls* WTF AAAAAAAAAH!

Polly Parrot: Ello ello ello!

Peppa and George: POLLY!?

Polly Parrot: POLLY!?

(peppa and george disappear)

Polly: O_O

Part 2

Peppa and George: (appears in ghostland) ?

Ghost: BOO!

Peppa: 2 spooky

George: 2 spooky

Ghost: (shoots George)

George: (turns into Ghost2) WHAT?!

Peppa: WHAT THE F**K

(note: before you get mad at me for changing it, this edit was by Pigga herself. Hey, I kinda like that nickname :D)

Ghost and Ghost2: (shoots Peppa)

Peppa: (turns into Ghost3) ME? A GHOST?

Ghost2: Sure

Ghost3: Ok.

(peppa and george turn back)

George: O_O

Peppa: O_O

Piggabubblyboo456 will soon write Part 3, don't worry.