When Angelica buries a nuclear bomb in Peppatown, it is up to Peppa, the Rugrats, and Peppa's friends to stop it


[The episode starts off at the woods, where Lil is looking for something in a hole]

Lil: [finds a worm] Finally, I found one [eats the worm].

[scene switches to the Pickles' house]

Stu Pickles: Wake Up!

Lou Pickles: [wakes up] Huh? What happened?

Stu Pickles: Mr. Rhino reported hearing some kind of bang.

Lou Pickles: Oh, we better go investigate!

[the two leave]

[scene switched into The Local Shops]

Angelica: So Miss Rabbit, what are some of your ideas for the upcoming carnival in Sheepington tomorrow?

Miss Rabbit: I say we have hundreds of balloons and Rides!

Angelica: That sounds Interesting, I guess maybe that could impress all those rescue squad people and emergency contacts.But what I have here is something I have proposed myself.....

[puts down a $1,000 tip]

Miss Rabbit. Whoa!

Angelica: I'll be buying your next vote if it runs next time.Even if it goes unopposed.

Miss Rabbit. Gee Thanks!

Angelica: (gets up and prepares to leave): We're all in this together

[scene switches to George and Tommy]

George: So how have you been doing?

Tommy: Fine I guess, It's been a Fun Summer!

George: I dropped out of school for now.To be honest tommy You're the only one who really Understands Me.

Tommy: George that's the reason why I can't be with you!

George: That's not Fair! [grabs Tommy's hand]

Tommy: Stop It! Leave me Alone! (slaps Him)

[tommy runs away from George]

George: Uhhh! This isn't Over Tommy!

[scene switches to Peppa Pig at her house]

[phone rings]

Peppa: [answers Phone]: Hello?

Granny Pig: [on other end of Phone]: Hello Peppa.I called to ask if you and Mummy pig could come to my house and check and see what these strange boxes are.I am afraid too open them and Grandpa Pig is to busy to open them.

Peppa: I'll ask

[Mummy Pig comes down the stairs]

Peppa Pig: Granny Pig wants us to come to her house to check out these strange boxes

Mummy Pig: Alright Let's Go

Peppa Pig: We'll be right over!

Granny Pig: Alright

[hang up]

[they make it to Granny Pig's House and go in]

Peppa: So these are the boxes?

Granny Pig: Yes six are from the previous week and four are current

Peppa: Oh

Mummy Pig: I'll open it

[she opens the box to reveal it's: Bricks]

Granny Pig: I wander what they're for? I've already talked to Mr. Rabbit about it and he told me that they are "Misdelivered Building Materials" but I'm not sure and I figure he may be hiding something because he sounded nervous when he told me.

Peppa: We'lll see what we can do won't we Mummy?

Mummy Pig: Of course and we promise to be annomous.

Granny Pig: Sounds Delightful.Thanks!

Peppa and Mummy: Your Welcome

[scene switches into Lil in the woods]

Lil: [burps] Ahhh. Found all of the worms. That's a lot of worms to eat!

[Lil spots a Phone ringing on the ground]

Lil: [answers home] Yes Uhh I guess so.I just ate a lot of worms Bye! [hangs up]

Lil: [jumps on a bike and rides away] :Now I just have to get back! (spots Lou Pickles and Stu Pickles riding bye her] Uh-Oh [rides faster].

Lou:  I wander what he's doing out here? Playing Golf? Lil my friend is a good kid!

Stu [laughs]

Lil: That was a close on! Good thing they didn't susp-

[Spots Hundreds of Birds in the road]

Lil: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! [veers off path and onto some farmland]

Lil. Oh No! I broke my Tire! Looks like I might need some help!

More to be added

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