Remember: PINECRAFT Is a parody of the original 'MINECRAFT' game.

in Pinecraft, you do your own imagination, build, fight mobs, and survive, you may choose Creative mode, which has unlimited resources, no ememies, In survival, you get to fight zombies, spiders etc.
— Johnny06

Console: It is available on Xbox 360\ONE, PS3\4, IOS Devices\Android Devices

How to play: on console\PC and\or Mac, it'll be exact as Minecraft, on android\IOS, it is a little different, you tap [P] in the upper right to pause, and arrow sticks to move, and center circle to jump.

Release: May 17, 2009 or December 11, 2015 [PC\Mac]

Updates blocks, crafting table and a furnace. Chickens, zombies, spiders, wood\stone tools. Cows, Ocelots, Wolfs, iron tools, armor, ingots and blocks and Leather Armor. Monster Sounds and endermen. Caves, cave sounds, pigs, villages, villagers, zombie villagers and The Nether. Golems, Beacons, Hunger Bar, Ghasts and doors. Killer Bunnies, Giants, Horses and Skeleton Horses. Pigmen and Zombie Pigmen. Pigmen removed. Far Lands and Giants removed. Pumpkins, Melons, and Golden Apples.

0.1.1: Killer Bunnies removed. Regular Bunnies added.

0.1.2: EnderPearls, Blaze, Enchantments, and Griefing added. Blaze Rods and Eye of Ender added. The End, Endermites, and Gold Tools added.

0.1.3: Zombie Horses and Diamonds added Saddles and Diamond tools added

0.1.4: Spectator mode and commands

0.1.5: Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, and Emeralds Slimes, Bedrock, and Glowstone added.

0.1.6: Illagers, Levers, Buttons, and pressure plates added. 

0.1.7: Witches added.