Remember: PINECRAFT Is a parody of the original 'MINECRAFT' game.

in Pinecraft, you do your own imagination, build, fight mobs, and survive, you may choose Creative mode, which has unlimited resources, no ememies, In survival, you get to fight zombies, spiders etc.
— Johnny06

Console: It is available on Xbox 360\ONE, PS3\4, IOS Devices\Android Devices

How to play: on console\PC and\or Mac, it'll be exact as Minecraft, on android\IOS, it is a little different, you tap [P] in the upper right to pause, and arrow sticks to move, and center circle to jump.

Release: Dec, 11 2015 [PC\Mac]


First blocks, crafting table and a furnace. [1 day later] Chickens, zombies, spiders, wood\stone tools. [1 day later] Cows, Ocelots, Wolfs, iron tools, armor, ingots and blocks and Leather Armor [1 day later] Monster Sounds and endermen. [2 days later] Caves, cave sounds, pigs, villages, villagers, zombie villagers and The Nether.

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