This pre-made character is deceased and has no character data. Resurrecting them will cause game corruption.

Pinjarhy Pig (formerly Phillip Pig) was a pig. Phillip was born in 1942 and was a male. In 1960, Phillip got gender reassignment surgery and changed his name to Pinjarhy. However, in 1983, Pinjarhy discovered she had heart problems. She was rushed to the hospital. 2 weeks later, Pinjarhy died in the hospital.


  • As a baby, Phillip wore a blue onesie.
  • As a child, he wore a black shirt with long sleeves and brown shorts.
  • As a teen, Phillip had the exact same clothes as a child.
  • As an adult, Phillip had a black suit.
  • When he got gender reassignment surgery, she wore a yellow dress with a frilled collar (odd for 1980s)

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