Pippa: Alina Taratorin may i use the Tathroom

Alina Taratorin: why are you asking me

Pippa: muma may I use the tathroom

Muma: NO

Pippa: Why

Father: you can

Muma: It's a RelLy bad PlAcE

Pippa: yeah, uumm... I'm gonna go anyway

Pippa: wow look at that toilet (flushes the toilet) Ummmmmm.... let me turn this sink on (turns on sink) uuuummm.... o-kay now where's the toothpaste well, THIS ISN'T AMAZING?

10 minutes later,

Father: Peppa you've been in there to long and plus i need to go

Pippa: okay father, This place SUCKS.

Father: wait what (Pippa opens the door and sense she hates the tathroom so much fire comes and kills Girge)

Father: My first time going to the tathroom and it's been ruined

Space Peppa

The thing that gave pippa the curse

Pippa: Sorry about girge

Father: it's not about him you said it sucked

Pippa: but, it does


Muma: oh Pippa what ever were you doing in there

Pippa: Well, nothing much

Muma: ^_^ :'(

Someone curses pippa to never come out of the tathroom

2,000 years later,

Pippa: I AM NEVER GOING TO COME OUT OF HERE!!!! (starts crying)

The End

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