Pippa: Muma Can I Go To Tolly Good

Muma: Ok

Pippa: :|

*Insert Pippa Pork Going To Tollygood Scene Here*

Pippa: Yay Im At Tollygood

Oreo-And-Eeyore: Welcome To Tollygood.

*When Pippa Enters*

Pippa: Im In Tolly Good

Osome Oil: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP (I need to ban Oreo-And-Eeyore.)

BatucanClouden: Oreo-And-Eeyore is now the manager of Tollygood.

Oreo-And-Eeyore: *in mind* why did i even work here

Girge: Hi Pippa!

Pippa: Hey How Did You Get Here

Muma: We'd want to come here with you.

Father: and mai tummy is P U R E M U S C L E


Random Guy 1: IDK


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