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Pippa Pork is a popular show in the Pippaverse featuring Pippa pork. The idea originally came from Peppa Pig's name being translated by Google Translate. It debuted in "Backflip Peppa".

Episode Structure

  1. Intro
  2. Episode content
  3. Ending

Canon-Based Episodes

Note: The episodes are rated PG as they may contain violence and/or minor language.

Season 1

  1. Puddy Muddles
  2. Torsey Hwinkle Toes (along with Bearing a petpet)
  3. Jraffic Tam
  4. Mr Full At a Shina Chop
  5. Ehe Tye Test
  6. Miggy in the Piddle
  7. Sumble Jale
  8. Lallet Besson
  9. Fest Briend
  10. Tirate Preasure
  11. Gaddy Hoses Dis Llasses
  12. Iusical Mnstruments
  13. Fhe Tchool Sete
  14. Girge's Girthbay
  15. Sew Nhoes (along with Too late interstate)

Season 2

  1. Lord linosaur is Dost
  2. Py mirthday Barty
  3. Wogs and Borms and Frutterflies
  4. Froe's Big Chliends
  5. Soliday on Airlines (Special 1 Part 1)
  6. He Soliday Thouse (Special 1 Part 2)
  7. Soliday in the Hun (Special 1 Part 3)
  8. Ee Thnd of the Soliday (Special 1 Part 4)
  9. Prampy Dabbit's Rinosaur Gark
  10. Qhe Tuarrel
  11. Cedro's Pough
  12. Che Toy Tupboard
  13. Run Fun (Special 2 Part 1)
  14. Fhe Thildren's Cete (Special 2 Part 2)
  15. Kily jumper (along with Planet Jumper)

Season 3

  1. Mrs tomato Comes Po Mown
  2. Cotato Pity
  3. Rabba bunny
  4. Sr. Marecrow
  5. Klying a Fite
  6. Children alan
  7. Kost Leys
  8. Boing goating
  9. Cindy Wastle
  10. Phe Towercut
  11. Lhe Tibary
  12. Che Vamper Tan (Special 3 Part 1)
  13. Hamping Coliday (Special 3 Part 2)
  14. Ledro is Pate
  15. Muma pork's Girthbay

Season 4

  1. Dalent Tay
  2. Phe Tlayground
  3. Dolphin la
  4. Pock Rools
  5. The Bittle Loat
  6. Ferpume
  7. Wot Very Nell
  8. Ciny Treatures
  9. The Wiggest Puddy Muddle in The Borld
  10. She Tandpit
  11. Nhe Toisy Night
  12. Tospihal
  13. Very Dot Hay
  14. The Dlden Oays
  15. Shloe's Cuppet Phow

Season 5


Season 6 



Special episodes are shorter and are sometimes played with regular episodes.

Fanon-Based Episodes

Fanon Season 1


Movies that are either canon based or fanon based that are Pippa pork.



Pippa family

Pippa pork and her family

Based on canon characters

Based on fanon characters

Other characters

  • Sol hamster


  • Peppa Pig characters sometimes appear in the series.
  • It premiered on Christmas day of 2014.
  • Each season has 15 episodes.
  • It's episodes have mix-up names. (Example: "Traffic Jam" changes to "Jraffic Tam")
  • All characters' last/middle names have to be all lowercase, that's the rule of this fictional TV series.
  • Once the series reaches Series 5, the episodes will start being based off of fanon episodes.
  • Muma Lamb has a spouse despite Mummy Sheep not having a spouse.
  • The Bolden Goots is an episode despite The Golden Boots is an Movie.
  • Pippa Pork characters saying "Oh my Astley/OMA" is a reference to the real life Peppa Pig director Neville Astley
  • The universe the show takes place in (The Pippaverse) used to be called The Pippalaxy as shown in Backflip peppa

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