The introduction for all Pippa Pork episodes

The Pippa Pork title screen/logo


Pippa stands on top of a blue cloud that reads "Pippa" in pink text

Pippa: [Jumps off blue cloud]

Pippa: [While falling, DOES SPECIAL ACTION]

Pippa: I'm Pippa Pork!

Girge: [Leaps on and zaps the air with his GamePig]

Pippa: This is my pathetic brother Girge!

Girge: Grrr!!!!!!!!

Muma: [Walks on with sprouting rainbows]

Pippa: This is Muma Pork!

Muma: [Pyro fire]

Father: [Walks on causing an earthquake]

Pippa: This is Father Pork!

Father: [Explodes, blowing up the scene and cutting to the episode content]

Special actions

The action Pippa does after jumping down from the cloud.

Season 1

  1. Puddy Muddles - Backflips into a puddy muddle.
  2. Torsey Hwinkle Toes - Throws toy horses.
  3. Jraffic Tam - Lands into a miniature car.
  4. Mr Full At a Shina Chop - Smashes a teacup upon landing.
  5. Ehe Tye Test - Big-eyed look at the camera.
  6. Miggy in the Piddle - Throws balls into lava pits.
  7. Sumble Jale - Lands into a pile of junk items.
  8. Lallet Besson - Floats downward gracefully.
  9. Fest Briend - Jumps down with Susan lamb and introduces her.
  10. Tirate Preasure - Lands with treasure chests.
  11. Gaddy Hoses Dis Llasses - Flips her glasses around.
  12. Iusical Mnstruments - Plays the trumpet while falling.
  13. Fhe Tchool Sete - Lands in the school.
  14. Beorge's Girthday - Eating a cake.
  15. Sew Nhoes - Doing a jumpkick with new shoes.

Season 2

  1. Lord linosaur is Dost - Holding Lord linosaur.
  2. Eleily pachyderm - Jumps down with Eleily pachyderm and introduces her.
  3. Wogs and Borms and Frutterflies - Lands while holding wogs and borms and frutterflies
  4. Froe's Big Chliends - Jumps down with Cinnamon loan and Believin carry and introduces them.
  5. Soliday on Airlines, He Soliday Thouse, Soliday in the Hun and Ee Thnd of the Soliday - Throws beach balls
  6. Prampy Dabbit's Rinosaur Gark - Blue cloud is replaced with a Rinosaur
  7. Qhe Tuarrel - Intro plays as normal, but Pippa is angry
  8. Cedro's Pough - Poughing
  9. Che Toy Tupboard - Lands on toy basket and it explodes
  10. Run Fun and Fhe Thildren's Cete - Everyone is running/Pippa lands in the Cete
  11. Kily jumper - Pippa bounces when she lands

Season 3

Season 4


The clothes Pippa and others wear.

Season 1

  1. Puddy Muddles - Pippa and Girge wear raincoats.
  2. Torsey Hwinkle Toes - Muma wears a straight jacket.
  3. Jraffic Tam - Clothes with cars on them.
  4. Mr Full At a Shina Chop - Clothes with teacups on them.
  5. Ehe Tye Test - Default look.
  6. Miggy in the Piddle - Girge and Muma wear versus shirts. Pippa now starts wearing glasses.
  7. Sumble Jale - Pippa wears a green shirt and shades, Girge wears a google translate shirt.
  8. Lallet Besson - Pippa wears a ballet costume.
  9. Fest Briend - Pippa has an evil look in her eye.
  10. Tirate Preasure - Pippa and Girge are wear their outfits from the Tirate Preasure cover
  11. Gaddy Hoses Dis Llasses - Father pork wears glasses.
  12. Iusical Mnstruments - Musician clothes.
  13. Fhe Tchool Sete - Default look.
  14. Beorge's Girthday - Party outfits.
  15. Sew Nhoes - Default look.

Season 2


Season 3