Pippa pork is the main protagonist of the popular show Pippa pork and the Pippaverse counterpart of Peppa Pig.


Pippa new design

Pippa with glasses

Pippa is a light magenta-pink pig. She wears a white dress with blue outlines and like Muma and Father pork, It has the google translate icon on it.  Pippa wears a dark blue bonnet, an ultramarine dress and a white apron during her portrait cameo in Dance Class

Appearance changes

  • After the events of “Ehe Tye Test, Pippa now wears light blue glasses.
  • After the events of “Shew Noes”, Pippa now wears blue shoes that match her glasses


  • Out of all of the Pippa pork characters, Pippa is the one most like her counterpart.
  • Pippa has -400 vision along with being extremely colorblind.
    • In an episode of The Illuminati Series, it is revealed that Pippa only faked having bad eyesight to get a pair of glasses she thought were cool. It is unknown whether or not this is canon.
  • According to "Jraffic Tam", Pippa knows she's in an alternate universe.
  • In the episode "Dance Class" a portrait of the medieval Pippa is seen when Peppa is changing.
  • In the Pig family's family tree, it is revealed that Pippa is a far relative of Peppa Pig with the name of "Pippa Pig".

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