Planet jumper
After the events of Kily jumper.


[Screen slowly zooming in on a red oval-like planet surrounded by a blue ring (planet jumper)]

[Screen slowly zooming in on a pogo stick shaped tower on planet jumper]

-inside the pogo tower-

Lord jumper: *sitting on a throne and drinking a juice box*

another jumper: *running in* Lord jumper! Lord jumper! I have terrible news!

Lord jumper: And i was having such a great day! What is it, Elska?

Elska jumper: It's about Kily jumper! The one you sent to destroy the pippaworld.

Lord jumper: *sits up quickly* What? What happened!?

Elska jumper: She has been terminated.

Lord jumper: NOOOO! She was the best world destroyer we had! And she was so friendly, too!

Elska jumper: But fear not. For when Kily self destructed, the pippaworld in it's entirety was destroyed along with it!

Lord jumper: Marvelous! But, still, no one will ever replace her...

*suspenseful music plays*

Hostis jumper: *steps out of the shadows*....Perhaps i can be of service..

Lord jumper: Yeah maybe who knows we won't find out until like 2 seasons or something

Hostis jumper: what



  • Hostis will probably never be brought up again

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