[The movie starts off outside Peppa's house]

Peppa Pig: [reading title card] Playgroup Face-Off.

Narrator: It's daytime, and Peppa and George are sleeping in their beds.

[A rooster wakes them up]

Peppa Pig: Good morning, George!

George Pig: [oinks twice and giggles]

Mummy Pig: It's time for playgroup, Peppa and George!

Peppa Pig: Okay, mummy! [giggles]

[3 minutes later...]

[Miss Rabbit is driving her blue school bus to playgroup and everyone inside the bus goes there]

Mrs. Carrot: Welcome to playgroup!

Pedro Pony: Mrs. Carrot?

Mrs. Carrot: Yes, I'm going to the your new teacher because Madame Gazelle changed her mind that she's leaving.

[flashback to the canon episode "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party"]

[another flashback to where Madame Gazelle changes her mind]

Everyone: Awww...

Mrs. Carrot: Sorry, but I had to say it. Now. Today, we are going to learn about the history of Peppatown. In the year 1880, explorer Percy Pony found an area full of huge hills on his search for a place to build a new city for the king.

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