Pop Star Friends was a song where Peppa heard on the Radio when they are on their way to Pedro Pony's House. The artist is Okakura Yoshiko. She is 17 years old and she is a girl who lives in Tokyo. She is a Piegeon, who is Pablo Piegeon's older sister


Okakura: Watashi wa ichi ga ikimashou kitaru ai/私は市が行きましょう来る愛 Translate:i love the city come on let's go

Yamato: Ē! Ē! Ē! Ē!/ええ!ええ!ええ!ええ! Translate:yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!

Okakura: No wa, shinai ni ima okonatte mimashou... Sore wa ima iku jikandesu!/のは、市内に今行ってみましょう...それは今行く時間です! Translate: let's go now to the city... It's time to go now!!

Yamato: Ikimasu! Ikimasu! Ikimashou!/行きます!行きます! 行きましょう! Translate: Go! Go! Let's go!

Daddy Pig: (turns off radio) What was that song? (speaking)

George: Is it Japanese? (giggles)

Peppa Pig: Of course it's Japanese, not to mention I am a weeaboo.

Daddy Pig: What did you say?

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