PomPom Kajimoto Toyota is a car that Peppa and her Family owns (maybe).

Popo the Prius


She is colored metallic silver and two eyelashes on each eye. She has black tires and rosy cheeks that show up sometime.


Popo is somewhat musical, she likes singing and can whistle like a bird. She wants the whole Peppaverse to be clean, not filthy because she is green. She gets a wash daily with Daddy Pig.

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Gender: Female

Color: Silver Metallic

Personality: Musical, Tomboy, Beautiful, Sweet,

Favorite Song: I can't tell you...

Age: 10 or 12


  • Popo is Peppa's adopted sister
  • She is introduced in "The car broke down".
  • She possibly might be a robot or a ghost, this, because of Undertale.