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Poppa Pig

Poppa Pig is a internet series where Agentpman1 dubs episodes of Peppa Pig

Characters,and their voice actors.


Peppa Pig (Poppa Pig.)

George Pig

Mummy Pig

Daddy Pig

Rebbeca Rabbit

Elmond Elephant

Emily Elephant

Pedro Pony

Max Gilarti

Suzzie Sheep

Richard Rabbit

Cathy Cat

Freedy Fox

Dalphine Donkey

Zoey Zebra

Wendy Wolf Italic

Cæsar Crocodile

Arin Hanson

Danny Dog

Cathy Cat (Only in Zoey Zebra Episodes.)


Some of the characters have suffered misfortunes lately.


In the episode, Gym Class, her head was sliced in half. In almost every episode she'll appear in, she'll demand stiches.


In Gym Class, a cannon ball landed on his head. It was eventually removed, though.


This misfortune is a running gag, actually. If she tries to make George cry, or make him upset, George will rip her face off. He would eventually put it back on her, though.


In The Episode, Edmond Elephant's Birthday, when Peppa,Danny,Sussie,and Zoey reached the table before their younger siblings can eat the cake, their younger siblings start to cry. This made Edmond sad, because he wanted to be the only character to not cry in the series. So he told Hands to crush his head up.

Didier, and Freddy Fox.

Because of Edmond's misfortune, Didier is happy to be the only sibling to not cry in the series. Edmond is mad at this, so he tries to tell Ms.Rabbit he he can run over Didier with her train. Somehow, Ms.Rabbit can understand him. (Despite on the fact that his voice is messed up.) So she runs over Didier, (And Freddy Fox.) multiple times. But she realised that she ran over Freddy too, So, she left in fear.

George, and the actual Peppa Pig family.

In Daddy's Movie Camera, When George was playing his tape, MOV George somehow appeared in the film, except for the actual George. MOV George scares the real George, and the real george cries.The actual George's tears start to make the TV short out. MOV. George relizies this and tells the goldfish to help. But the goldfish just said that he is a goldfish. The inside of the house is now on fire, with sparks, electric shocks, and explosions, And finally, the house explodes.


The series,and voices could be based on PONY.MOV by Max Gilarti AKA Hotdiggetydemon.

This is Agentpman's first fanfic/series outside of the Gumbapedia fanon seri es.

Unlike PONY.MOV,POPPA.MOV has ever lasting videos.

Pedro's voice sounds COMPETELY different than his real one. He ussally has a crumbled,Neghing,voice.

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