Narrator: Today, Peppa is at the shopping centre.

Mummy Pig: I bought Peppa a new red dress with pink flowers and polka dots.

Peppa Pig: Let's go to Dog's Pizza!


Emily Elephant: [singing] Welcome to Elephant's Pizza!

[Peppa goes to the flower store and sees Pedro Pony and Suzy Sheep together]

Peppa: Suzy! Pedro!

[Brianna Bear runs into the flower store and leaves Emily's clique]

Brianna Bear: Hello, Peppa! I was looking for a new friend because Emily ditched me because I was being nice to a customer.

[flashback to canon episode ‘Emily Elephant’]

Peppa: Oh no!

Brianna: Let's go to the food court to get a Burger Pig! [holding her hat] I want a double cheeseburger for me and Peppa Pig with one bottle of water and a bottle of Coke!

Server: That'll be £5 please.

Brianna Bear: Okay.

Peppa: [eats her food] De-yummy!

[Brianna turns into Britannia Beat and does a press-up]

Suzy Sheep: F*** you!

Peppa: When did you get here Suzy?

Suzy: I was just at Dale's R-Skates shop in the Dale and Benny's Extreme Fun Zone Company.

Peppa: Do you wanna join the Peppatown Choir? We were just singing uptown funk

Suzy: Sure, but I was going to get a pizza at Dale and Benny's.

Peppa: Can I go with you?

Suzy: Buckle up buckaroo.

Danny: LOL


  • All the females wear hats and bows with recoloured clothes in this episode because the maker of this episode wanted to give the females a different design.
  • When Peppa says “De-yummy!”, she references a scene from a Doc McStuffins episode.
  • There is an error when Peppa eats the pizza.

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