Rebecca, Zoe and Wendy about to eat the popping candy.


[Rebecca, Zoe and Wendy eat some popping candy and their mouths start to pop]

Peppa: Hey, guys. Why are your mouths popping?

Rebecca: We just ate some popping candy.

Wendy: You want some?

Peppa: Do you have enough for my whole gang?

Zoe: Of course we do.

[They give Peppa some bags of popping candy]

Later, at Peppa's treehouse....

Peppa: Gang, you've got to try this stuff called popping candy. It makes your mouth pop.

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Wow! When do we eat it?

Peppa: Right now!

[They eat the popping candy]

[Emily, Lisa and Brianna arrive]

Emily: Oh, Peppa, popping candy's just sugary. You're gonna have to go to my dad's dentist after that much!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

[They laugh and walk away]

Peppa: Oh man. I can't believe I can't have the mouth-popping taste of popping candy anymore.

Daddy Pig: Yes you can! But only do it sometimes and when you do it, don't do something lazy if you don't want to get fat.

Suzy: Why do people always pick on me due to my weight?

Peppa: He's not picking on you.

Danny: Well, never mind all that. Let's just get physical!

[Peppa, Suzy Danny and Pedro do active things]

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