Gina Pony, stage name Princess Pony is a singer and model. She has released fourteen studio albums, one live album, one compilation album and five videos. So far, she has never swore in any of her songs, making them child friendly.


  • Danced With My Boyfriend Last Night (1992)
  • Gotta Go, Bye! (1995)
  • Moving Into The 2000s (1999)
  • The Best Thing Ever (2000)
  • Ice Cream (2001)
  • Work (2002)
  • Gotta Go, Bye! II (2004)
  • Slave (2005)
  • Sparkles In The Sky (2007)
  • Nightclub (2009)
  • Gotta Go, Bye! III (2010)
  • 12 (2012)
  • The 12 World Tour: Audio (2013)
  • Gotta Go, Bye!: The Best Of Princess Pony (2013)
  • The Best Thing Ever: 16 Years Later (2016)
  • I Need You (2016)


  • Danced With My Boyfriend Tour (1993) (VHS)
  • Princess Pony: The Videos (2006) (VHS and DVD)
  • In The Courthouse (2011) (DVD and Blu-Ray)
  • The 12 World Tour (2013) (DVD and Blu-Ray)
  • Princess Pony: The Videos 2 (2015) (DVD and Blu-Ray)


In 1996, OMGlenda filed a lawsuit against Princess due to the video for "Young", saying that the choreography was copied. Princess concluded the lawsuit saying that she didn't copy the choreography and used a similar one.

Princess was filed another lawsuit in 2008 by James Johnson, over the similar naming of his album Poison in the Air and Princess' album Sparkles in the Sky. Princess concluded it once again, saying that the content was much different and no-one was sent to prison.

In 2011, Princess released a DVD/Blu-Ray of both lawsuits, titled "In The Courthouse".

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