Project Peppa Pig Movie is a real project.

Hello everyone, So, as it turns out, people actually wanted to see the Peppa Pig Movie. No, I'm not joking, Some people actually asked where the movie could be watched.

And in fact, I think I could make the movie, It probably wouldn't be as epic as I made it look like, maybe it would only be, like, 20 minutes long. But, I still think it could be made. There will be child voice actors just like in the standard series. It's gonna be hard to find voices for the adults, though. You can view Progress on this page.



Aug. 24

Made a YouTube Channel where announcements about the movie will be on. There will also be Peppa Pig Parody Shorts! Some may even be based on things from this wiki!


√ = Found VA

N/A = Currently No VA

√? = Possibly found a VA

Voice Actors

Black Font

  • Peppa Pig √
  • George Pig √
  • Daddy Pig
  • Mummy Pig
  • Suzy Sheep √
  • Pedro Pony √
  • Danny Dog √
  • Mr. Potato
  • Lord Fry
  • Mr. Bull
  • Mecha Peppa √?

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