This song has explicit lyrics and/or sexual themes in it, meaning it may be unsuitable for minors.
Protection (stylised as Pr~ot~ec~ti~on) is a single by The Rocking Gazelles.

Track listing

  1. Pr~ot~ec~ti~on (Explicit) [Regular Version] ft. Mia Horse, Belle Pig, Star Sheep, meghan and OMGlenda
  2. Pr~ot~ec~ti~on (Explicit) [Green Version] ft. Mia Horse, Belle Pig, Star Sheep, meghan and OMGlenda

Music video

Regular version

Belle Pig is seen wearing an orange T-shirt and a pink pin-up skirt, putting makeup on. Star Sheep and meghan dance in a spaceship with Pony headphones on, as a homage to the music video for Yeah Yeah (Rockin' Remix) ft. James Johnson from 2010.

When Gigi's verse comes in, she looks at herself in a mirror dressed in a green and pink outfit with fishnets. OMGlenda is sitting on a bed with Gizi.

During Glenda Gazelle's verse, her head is superimposed on a vase. Star Sheep throws the vase at the wall, it smashes and Glenda Gazelle's body appears.

During the first chorus, everyone is dancing wearing flesh-coloured sleeveless bodysuits, with crystals digitally edited onto the bodysuits. There are televisions in the background showing the early music videos by each of them, except for Star Sheep.

Star Sheep swims in a pool wearing a very revealing outfit. When she says "it's so damn great", she is seen using a sauna wearing nothing but a white towel and fishnets.

In the second chorus, everyone except Belle Pig wear very revealing pink and green outfits. Belle Pig wears a pink and green dress with pale mauve gloves.

meghan is in a bathtub during her verse, dressed in a dark blue outfit.

During the third chorus, everyone except Belle Pig is twerking in an elevator wearing black bras, white underwear and fishnets.

Green version

Star Sheep is seen dancing around a tree, then she sits on a branch.

Gigi Gazelle is in a hotel, checking her appearance in a mirror. She is wearing an orange crop top, orange underwear and a transparent tocan orange skirt.

Mia Horse dances in a cream-coloured box during the all the pre-choruses.


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