Rabba Bunny is the 3rd episode of Pippa Pork's 3rd season.


Rabba bunny and Pippa vist each other.


Madame rabbit: * car pulls up *

Rabba: Hello, Pippa.

Rick: You will die.

Rabba: Shut up Rick.

Pippa: You know, Rick has mental orders.

Rick: Wait, Wh........

Rabba: *Throws him out of the window* Be free!

  • Victory jingle of pigges advanced 3 plays.*

Girge: Yeah!

Pippa: Girge, please get off your gamepig.

Girge: Never

Rabba: I give you all of rick's gamepigs, just please get off of it.

Girge :Okay

Rabba: I wonder if Rick has cleared his mental orders.

Rick:* freaks out as madame bunny runs him over.*

In the house.....

Rabba: This is the worst house ever!

Girge: * Swims in pile of gamepigs*

Pippa: We might have more fun at your house tomorrow.


Pippa:* jumps out window *

Rabba: You came.

Girge: All ri... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rick: He fell in the hole.


Rabba: here we go again.

Pippa: YOU LITTLE TELETUBBY, You killed my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * hits Rick on the head.*

Rabba. Hey! Don't talk to my brother like that!

All: * Argue*

Girge:* sneaks away with gamepigs *

The end.


  • Rated 8 because Teletubbies are mentioned.

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