Random Pilot Episode

This is the pilot episode for Peppa Pig (PG reboot).


(Episode name appears for 5 seconds.)

Narrator: Peppa, George, and Gina are playing in the backyard.

Peppa: (Sees something in the sky) Whats that in the sky?

George: A dinosaur?

Gina: No. It's just a bird.

George: Then why is it glowing?

Peppa: I think it's coming for us!

Gina: Well, it's not a UFO or....(Object swallows them up before she can finish sentence.)

(Crashes in another universe.)

Peppa: Where are we?

George: In a dinosaur?

Gina: No. I think this is ano...(All vanish before she can finish.)

(All are in space)

Peppa: I can't.......(all vanish.)

(all randomly in FNAF right before a jumpscare.)

George: I know what's gonna happen.

(A reformed Foxy suddenly appears.)

Foxy: Hi i'm Foxy, whats you.......(all including him are transported back to the backyard.)

Gina: That was weird.


Foxy: O_O,

Peppa: Guys we have to end the show, we can't afford another minute!

George: Before we go, that things a dinosaur.

Running Gags

  • George referring stuff to dinosaurs.
  • Teleporting before anyone can finish a sentence.
  • Everyone scared of Foxy