Randomness sucks! is the fourth part of the Sonic Says series.


Polly: I'm a noi-

[Polly gets killed by modern Sonic.]

Sonic: Oh-- oh my god. He--e killed Polly!

Mighty: You b******s!

Modern Sonic: You guys suck! *runs away to Fiji*

Sonic: Let's join Randomness!

Mighty: Yeah. We'll talk about evil, but mature topics. 

[Mighty and Sonic enter a secret Randomness base.]

Littlebat10: So, you're joining Randomness? You're my greatest enemy.


LittleBat10: Oh. Are you guys evil enough?

Might: F**k yeah! Sonic, tell 'em what we've got!

Sonic: First, we will break into a house, then find the chil-

[Sonic and Mighty get kicked out of the secret Randomness base.]

Mighty: So we're blacklisted by the FBI, CIA, T.U.F.F. (wtf is tuff anway?) and Randomness?

Sonic: Yep.

Mistah J: Ignore not tough puppy and Littlebat and his toxic memes that suck! 

Sonic: Yeah. They suck!

Mighty: Can we join your D@ €|ub?

Mistah J: Yes.



  • Sonic and Mighty get blacklisted by Randomness for being too cool for toxic memes!
  • Peppa will be in the next part, due to the tragic death of Polly Parrot or Polly Plane.

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