Parody of this.


Peppa: (gets off phone)

George: What's wrong?

Peppa: Emily invited her clique and herself over for oinks giving dinner, and I'm not even gonna be home!

Littlebat10: How about my villian league and I make a dinner for your friends to eat here, before you have to go to your Grandma's?

Peppa: Ok!


Michael Rosen: Hallo! Today I'm making a thankgiving dinner!

Robbie Rotten: There's suger apples!

Eggman: Pringas Chips!

Littlebat10: Or Sonic's cousin!

Michael Rosen: Please ignore the captured hedgehog in the backround!

Sonic: Let go of me!

Littlebat10: Sonic's Cousin it is!!!!!


Emily: (looks at the head on her plate) I'm very hungry! (eats it very messingly)

Michael Rosen: (looks a bit proud)

Sonic: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Little Jimmy!!!!! Your eating him!

Peppa: We can ALL go to my Grandma's!

Everyone: Hooray!

Everyone gets in a car.

Michael Rosen: I'm driving!

Everyone sits in the vehicle.

George: To Granny Pig's house we go!

Peppa: No George, were going to our long lost Grandma's home She's a very different person!

Littlebat10: So were not going to Granny Pig's house? To another Grandmothers house we go then!

Peppa: Only one problem with that.

George: What?

Peppa: My Grandmother lives in a HELL!!!!!

The car goes through a nether portal.

LuigiKid: Hello! Luigi Kid here! And I'm substituting as Satan today.

Shows the Gates of Hell.

Peppa's Grandma is in the lava hot tub.

Grandma Pig: Nice to finally meet you all!

The End!