Peppa Pig: [reads the title card] Randy Rhino!

Narrator: It's a lovely sunny day. Peppa and her friends are playing football; Randy Rhino suddenly shows up.

Peppa Pig: Hey there. I'm Peppa Pig; what's your name?

Randy Rhino: My name is Randy Rhino! This is my little sister, Rita Rhino, this is Mummy Rhino and this is Daddy Rhino.

Randy Rhino: My daddy's a construction worker. Also, this is my horn at the end on my face, if you're too stupid to notice.

Peppa Pig: [punches Randy in the face]

Narrator: Oh dear! Peppa has punched Randy for having a horn at the end on his face.

Randy Rhino: Peppa, leave my face alone or I will phone the police.

Peppa Pig: Oh diddums!

Randy Rhino: [kicks Peppa out of the Peppaverse]

Mummy Pig: GET OUT! [punches Randy]

Randy Rhino: AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

[Peppa returns to the Peppaverse]

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