Raoul the Robber is an episode.


[The episode starts off at the funfair]

Narrator: One day, Peppa and her family were going to the funfair.

Peppa: Teddy! Teddy! I've lost Teddy!

Narrator: Oh dear, Peppa loses Teddy again like she always does.

Mummy Pig: Oh Peppa! You really should take care of your belongings!

Narrator: But George has got Mr. Dinosaur with him!

George: YAY! I do love a trip to the funfair, I'm not scared, not even of heights!

Mummy Pig: Well done, George.

Narrator: George always has his belongings with him. Just then, Raoul ÇaRoule spotted Teddy first.

Raoul: What's this? Ooooh! It's a plush bear!

Narrator: Then, Raoul ÇaRoule stolen Teddy and kept him in a secret place inside him.

Raoul: Don't worry. Papa ÇaRoule will keep Bear in a secret place just for you. I heard that someone's got a toy dinosaur! I'll go find it.

Narrator: At the funfair, Daddy Pig went on the rollercoaster, Mummy Pig and Peppa played Hook-A-Duck and George played on the bouncy castle with Zoë Zebra. But Peppa didn't feel like having fun. She just wanted Teddy back.

Peppa: Maybe, somebody has stolen Teddy! I have to phone the police! Hello?

Police Officer: What's that?

Peppa: Somebody has stolen Teddy! Can you help?

Police Officer: Yep, I sure can. I just spotted the bear inside a rally car. I tried to run, but he was too fast and my car has broken down!

Daddy Pig: I know, We'll attach the siren to Bert and that way that car would give back Teddy.

Bert: No way! I will have an earache soon!

Daddy Pig: Stop boasting.