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Rebecca: ~ wakes up ~ What? Why have I got long hair!?

Richard: ~ wakes up ~ Huh? Why have you got long hair, Rebecca?

Rebecca: I don't know,

Richard: ~ goes downstairs ~ Mummy! Rebecca's got long hair!

Mummy Rabbit: ~ run upstairs with Richard ~ Wow! How did you grow all that?

Rebecca: It must have grown by itself.

Mummy Rabbit: Well, now we'll call you Rapecca.

Rebecca: ~ smiles ~

Richard: Let's go and show Peppa and George!

Rebecca, Richard and Mummy Rabbit: ~ goes to the pig house ~

Rebecca: ~ knocks on door ~

Daddy pig: ~ opens the door ~ Hello, Rabbits! Where did Rebecca get all that hair from?

Rebecca: It grew overnight.

Mummy pig, Peppa and George: ~ comes through the door ~

George: Wow! Rebecca has long hair!

Peppa: That hair is lovely! And so long!

Rebecca: I know! Now they call me Rapecca!

George: Nice name!


  • Rebecca hasn't got stairs, she has tunnels.
  • I forgot to say how long Rebecca's hair was.
  • I forgot to say what colour Rebecca's hair was.


  • The title was originally "Rapunzel Rebecca", but it was later changed to "Rapecca" to make it sound more interesting.