An episode I made based on an Angela Anaconda episode I read about on Wikipedia called A Bug Responsibility.


Rebecca: Peppa, can you mind my bug collection?

Peppa: Of course.

[The parents arrive]

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Time to go home!

Peppa: Okay!

[They get into the car and drive home and Peppa's gang turn up at the treehouse]

Peppa: *goes into treehouse* Gang, look! Rebecca lent me her bug collection.

Pedro: I love animals. I have a pet stick insect called Stephen.

Suzy: Yes. It appears that 40% of them are rare and 60% of them are common. Now, where did I put that bag of Fruti Candy? I'm hungry! *gets a bag of Fruti Candy, opens it and eats the Fruti Candy itself*

Peppa: Oh, Suzy! Stop eating so much food!

Suzy: I am your best friend and I usually do whatever you want, but come on, Peppa! There's lots of good food to eat! Cinnamon swirls, Fruti Candy, Pizza...

[The bugs escape to Emily's manor]

Peppa: Hey, where are the bugs?

Danny: I have no idea. Bugs are little and they could be anywhere.

Meanwhile, at Emily's manor.....

Emily: Great giraffes! What are those bugs here for?

Lisa: I don't know.

Brianna: Maybe Peppa sent them out here.

[The clique laughs]

The next day at playgroup.....

Emily: Peppa, why were some horrid bugs in the grounds of my manor?

Peppa: So that's where Rebecca's bugs went!

Emily: Rebecca, why do you collect horrible, slimy bugs?

Rebecca: Because, one day, some ants brought me a carrot and I love carrots!

Emily: You really eat carrots that ants have kuguswa? That's Swahili for 'touched'?

Rebecca: Emily, please don't be mean. Disrespect is pointless. Why would it be fun to hurt someone's feelings?

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