Peppa, Suzy, Zoe, Candy, Wendy, an unknown human and Rebecca at the confessional


Peppa: Madame Gazelle, I need the toilet.

Madame Gazelle: Okay, Peppa.

Peppa: *goes to the toilet, only to find Suzy, Zoe, Candy, Wendy, the unknown human and Rebecca*

Rebecca: Welcome to my confessional, Peppa. Are there any stresses and worries you need to talk about?

Peppa: No, I just need the toilet. *goes into a toilet cubical*

Rebecca: Very well, then. Are you sure you don't have any stresses and worries?

Peppa: (from inside toilet cubical) Well, here's one. I don't like the snobbery of Emily Elephant, Lisa Fox, Brianna Bear and the rest of her clique. Can you do something to them?

Rebecca: Of course!

Peppa: *gets out of her cubical, washes her hands and goes back to the main part of the playgroup*

Madame Gazelle: Where are Rebecca, Zoe, Candy, Wendy and a few other kids?

Peppa: Oh, Rebecca set up a confessional in the girls' washroom where her friends come to talk about their stresses and worries.

Madame Gazelle: Very good! That's just what this playgroup needs!

Pedro: Except for one thing. It's in the toilet and that means germs!

Peppa: Madame Gazelle's not going to listen to a nerd like you!

Madame Gazelle: Excuse me, Peppa, but we do not use that language here!

Peppa: Oh. Anyway, kids, playtime! *rings bell*

[The kids go outside and some of them cough and sneeze]

Suzy: Oh! That sounds sick to me! I'll tell Madame Gazelle! *goes to Madame Gazelle* Madame Gazelle, everyone's sick! Look!

Madame Gazelle: Oh, no! I wonder how it happened!

Suzy: Maybe it was Rebecca's confessional!

Madame Gazelle: Oh, yes. I'll tell Rebecca. *goes outside* Rebecca, I'm sorry, but you'll have to relocate your confessional!

Rebecca: But there's nowhere to relocate it! Hey, remember that room you built for the toddlers but demolished it? (flashback to The Toddlers' Room)

Madame Gazelle: Yes. I'm sorry, Rebecca, but I can't afford to build a new one.

Rebecca: Maybe I should create something myself and let my friends tell me what to add.

Peppa: Well, you should make it near some muddy puddles.

Pedro: And please put some drawing paper in there in case the visitors feel bored!

Danny: And give it a groovy feel!

Rebecca: Okay! And how about I make it somewhere in the main part of the playgroup?

Madame Gazelle: Excellent idea!

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