Rebecca's Quarrel is a story when at the end Peppa and Rebecca come friends again.


One day, Rebecca Rabbit was signed for a new member of the Walky-Talky Girls by Emily Elephant. She was very pleased. Brianna Bear was delighted to have Rebecca being the new recruit the team. "Welcome to our crew!" Lisa Fox said. "These are my friends. This is Emily Elephant, our boss." "I know that." Rebecca said. "I am Lisa Fox and that one in the blue dress is Brianna Bear." Lisa said. "Woo-wee! Am I lucky!" said Rebecca. "Yep, you are." Brianna said. Emily Elephant said "I am so proud you are in my team instead of being one of that red dressed pig's friends." "Wow! I am in your team, Emily!" Rebecca said. "Can you give me a tour?" "Yup, my pleasure." Emily agreed. "WAH?! REBECCA'S HERE?!!? WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!" a voice spoke. "Who could be acting so crazy?" Rebecca said to Lisa. "That voice was our limousine Lola." Lisa replied She is reliable and really useful." "Hello!" Lola Limo said. "Who's your new friend?" "This is our new teammate Rebecca Rabbit. She is an enemy of Pooper Pig." Lisa said to Lola. "Oh! I thought Rebecca Rabbit was friends with Peppa!" Lola said. "She was, but decided to be enemies with Pooper Pig and made a reference to Frozen." Emily Elephant replied. Peppa was happy that Rebecca was gone.

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