[Suzy is seen with her friends, looking at a Bulldog]

Suzy: Hey everyone, look at this Bulldog, do you think of him as a slobberer!

[They stared blankly at her]

Suzy: I mean, who wouldn't want the Bulldog to keep the slobber in his mouth!

[Everyone except Rebecca started laughing]

Bulldog: *Giggle* Gee, I never herd that one before!

Suzy: *Shouting* Maybe it's because you breath as loud as Nigara Falls!

[Everyone except Rebecca laughed harder]

[A woman is herd whistling]

Suzy: Hmm, that woman's whistling is so loud, the Bird's have to cover their ears!

[Rebecca walks away while the others continue laughing]

[A Mailman walks up to the Woman]

Mailman: Something lovely for someone lovely.


[Everyone except Rebecca laugh much harder, Pedro's annoying laugh is herd]

Suzy: Hey, Pedro, your annoying laugh, it's only an insult to annoying people!

[The same ones kept laughing, but harder]

[Peppa runs up to Suzy]

Peppa: Hah hah hah, oh call me CRAZY but I LOVE your gags!

Suzy: Your crazy!

[Peppa and the others in the background started laughing again]

[The scene changes to Suzy, holding a Microphone]

Suzy: Hey, if you get real close to Peppa's head, you can hear the Ochen!

Peppa: *Giggle*

Suzy: Wendy, this might seem crazy, but you've always made me laugh!

Wendy: *Giggle*

Suzy: Danny, I headed you had a good idea once, but it died of LONLYNESS!

[Everyone laughed again]

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