Heropig vs Rickhulk (half done)

i'll probably give this pic a really cool background later..

epic fight! right here! :D


the camera closes up on a huge battle arena

Peppa: helloooo Peppaverse! today we have an epic fight. in this corner, we have, HEROPIG! 

Heropig: ~walks up~ alright let's do this! 

Peppa: and in this corner, we have, RICKHULK. RABBIIIIIIT! 

Richard rabbit: ~walks up~ um.. uh.. why am i here? D: 

~the crowd laughs~ 

Heropig: guys. i'm not gonna fight him, he's a little kid. 

Suzy sheep: (in the crowd) but you're a little kid too!

Heropig: w-whut? D':

Peppa: you've gotta make him mad! 

Hero: ohhh ~flicks richard~ you're stupid. 

Richard: GRRR.. ~transforms into Rickhulk~ RAAAAAAAWR! 

Hero: ohhhh shnap....

Peppa: told ya.

the actual fight. 

(sorry if rhis fight is shorter than a freaking vine video. i'm awful at making fights ^^')

Peppa: 3...2....1...FIGHT! 

Hero: yea, big guy. you want me? come and get me! 

Rickhulk: RICHARD SMASH! ~smashes the ground~

Hero: woah woah! hey!! ~goes flying away and hits a wall~  

Rickhulk: :D

Hero: >:c ~blasts lasers at Rickhulk~

Rickhulk: ~gets laser'd in the arm~ RAAAA

the crowd: boooo! unfair! 

Hero: oh shut up. 

Rickhulk: ~punches Hero into the air~ TAKE THAAT! 

the crowd: yaaaaay! totally fair! 

Hero: well how about you take THIS! ~magically lifts Rickhulk off the ground and hits him against a wall~

Peppa: woah. he can do that!? STOP STOP! that's way overpowered. you can't do that. 

Hero: aw. you're no fun.

Suzy: true dat :|

Rickhulk: I DON'T GET ENOUGH LIIIINES! ~smashes Hero into the ground~ and you talk too much.

Hero:....ow....~flies up~ 

Rickhulk: ~smashes him back into the ground~ I'MNOTSTUPID. >:C

~the crowd goes nuts~ WOOOOHOOO!


Hero: >:(  ~flies up again~ I'M NUMBER OOOOONE!!!  ~shoots fire everywhere~ AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

everyone: oh no! ~starts screaming and running in circles~


Rickhulk: hold that thought. 

Hero: ?

Rickhulk:...RICHARD SMASH! ~jumps up and smashes the ground~ 

Hero: NOOOOOOO! ~falls on the ground and explodes~ X_X

Peppa: We have a winner!! Rickhulk rabbiiiit! 

Richard: ~transforms back~ yaaay! :D


  • why the freak did hero explode XD

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