Template:Rated 18 Freddy: Hello Boys And Girls!

Bonnie: Do We Have To Do This...?

Chica: I Guess...

Foxy: '-'

Freddy: Anyway.... We're Gonna Be Appearing More In Ricky And George!

Bonnie: Not Completely Though.

Chica: We're Just Gonna Be Sitting There In The Background.

Foxy: But Sometimes We'll Actually Be In The Episodes!

Beta(Me): Yep! I Don't Know If You All Liked/Hated Them Being In Ricky And George Or Not.. 

Beta: (Mainly Because I Don't See Comments On My Articles And You Probably Didn't Care All That Much.)

Beta :But They'll Be Appearing A Little Often.

Beta:But Don't Worry FNAF Haters! I Said A LITTLE Often And So-

Freddy & The Gang: SHUT THE F*CK UP! 

Freddy: Sorry.. He Was Talking Sooooo Long...

Bonnie: Yeah! This Is OUR Message :I

Chica :p

Foxy: :p

Beta: Fine... Jeez

Freddy: ....

Beta: ...?

Freddy: I'm Gonna Finish His Sentence.. So Don't Hate

Beta: Are You F*cking Kidding Me? I Was... Oh I Actually Was Gonna Say That..

Freddy & Beta & The Gang: See You Guys!

Thats The Update! Opinions In Comments Please! (If You Want)

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