Beta: Ricky And George... Finale...

Ricky: George, I've Been Really Worried About Beta...

George: Yeah, He Rarely Vists The Wiki Anymore...

Beta: Hey Guys...

Ricky And George: Beta!?

George: Where've You Been!?

Ricky: Yeah!

Beta: Welp. Everywhere Else But Here.

Ricky: Oh...

Beta: And That's Why I've Decided To Leave

(I'm Also Deciding To Count This As A Goodbye Message)

Ricky And George: WHAT!? WHY?!?!?!?!?

Beta: Well For One Thing. I'm Not Here Very Often. Nobody Makes Any REAL Stories. Seriously. It's Just Random Characters. And This Wiki Kind Of Died Over The Years... Not To Mention EVERYONE'S a Moderator.

Ricky: B-But You Created Me! What Am I Supposed To Do Without You!?

Beta: I've Given The...Five Of You... Wait There's Like Five Of You Right....? Anyway, I've Given The Five Of You A Choice..

Ricky: What Is It? 

Beta: You Can Either Stay Here And Become Regular Fanon Characters. Or Come Along With Me. It'll Be A "Majority Rules" System. Talk It Over With The Others.

Ricky: O-Okay.

  • Ricky Then Left To Find Alex, Po, Otis, And Eddie

Ricky: Alex? Alex Where Are You...?

Alex: Ricky?


Alex: .... What The Fuck Man?

Ricky: DUDE!

Alex: WHAT!?


Alex: WHAT!?!?!

Ricky: Yeah, He Decided To Leave Because He's Bored Of The Wiki.

Alex: But What About Us?

Ricky: That's Why I'm Looking For You And The Others.

Alex: He Wanted You To Say "Bye" For Him? That's Kind Of Rude..

Ricky: No He Didn't! I'll Talk To You About It Later. Where's Po?

Alex: Oh. Him... He Moved Back Home...

Ricky: Well. Time To Fly..

Alex: Okay Then...

(Later In Alaska)

Ricky: Po? Po Where Is Ya Bro?

Po: R-R-Rickerson?

Ricky: Rickerson?

Po: I Mean Ricky...

Ricky: Po... Beta's Leaving.....

Po: HUH!?

Ricky: But He Has A Plan... I'll Tell You It Later. Do You Know Where Otis Is?

Po: He's Somewhere. I Don't Remember.

Ricky: *Punches Po In The Head*

Po: OW! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THA- Heyyyy I Remember Now! That Shack Over There.

Ricky: Thanks Buddy. Now Let's Go Get Him.

(Later At The Shack)

Ricky: We Haven't Seen The Guy In About A Month But It's Okay He's A Friend. He Won't Bite...

(Knock! Knock!)

Otis: RAHHHHHHHHHH- Oh Hey Guys....

George: Well We Can Always Count On You For A Warm Welcome..

Otis: Sorry It's Just Been Nobody Here Vists So I Assume I'm Gonna Die If Someone Actually Does..

Ricky: Well. We Need You To Come With Us To Find Eddie. I Have To Tell You All Something.

Otis: Ohhh... That's Gonna Be A Problem...

Ricky: Why?

Otis: Eddie Moved To The Sun...

Ricky: WHAT!? HOW!?!?!?

Otis: He's A Magical Sun Eagle...

Ricky: Oh.. That Explains Why He Was Bright Yellow...

Otis: And He's Somekind Of God Now...

Ricky: Just Give Me A Fire Suit...

Otis: Fine... 

  • Ricky Suddenly Appears On The Sun As Eddie Rises From It

Eddie: Weary Traveler, What Would You Ask Of M- Ricky!??!?!?

Ricky: Why Are You Talking Like An Video Game God...? No Time, You Gotta Get To Earth. Beta Wants To Say Goodbye.


(Back With Beta)

Beta: Yes, It IS True. I'm Leaving.

The Other 4: WHAT ABOUT US!?!?


Beta: You All Have A Choice.

Everyone: Yes...?

Beta: You Can Either Stay Here. Or Come With Me. Cast Your Votes Now.

Ricky: I'm Coming With You!

Alex: I'm Coming With You Too!

Otis: Me Too!

Eddie: .......... I- ....... I...... I..... I'm A God... But... Being A God Is Boring As Hell I'm Coming Too..

George: I'm sorry Beta. I Can't Go With You.

Beta: I Wasn't Asking You...

George: Oh...

  • So Beta Left To Explore The Rest Of The Internet. (Not Really) And Brings Ricky And The Gang With Him
  • While George Stayed And Eventually Lost His Abilty To Talk.
  • いつか私が返すことがあります。...

The End.

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