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Episode 6 - Error! Name Unfound



Guy: *Singing*

Ricky: Didn't You Like... Die?

Guy: I Can Come Back....

George: Uhh No You Can't...

Guy: Uhhhh Yis I Caan

George: Nu You Can't....


George: N-

Ricky: SHUT!!!!!!!!!

Guy & George: He Star-

Ricky: UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George: :I


Otis: Shut Up Man...

Eddie: You All Should Shut Up....

Ricky: ......F*ck..

George: Aw I Thought This Was Gonna Be A Child Friendly Episode...

Ricky: :p

Alex: :p

Guy: .... Let's Fight!


Ricky Uses Punch!

The Guy Takes 10 Damage!

The Guy Punches Ricky!

Ricky Takes 80 Damage!

Ricky Uses Scratch ,Punch And Kick Combo!

The Guy Takes 600 Damage Then 10 Damage And Then 50 Damage! 

Otis Begins Casting A Spell..

Ricky Uses Distraction!

The Guy Seems Distracted...

George Uses Distraction!.

The Guy Seems Even More Distracted!

Eddie Uses Heal On Ricky!

Ricky Recovers 900 Health!

Po Uses Dance!

Po Begins Dancing!

Ricky Feels Inspired By Po's Dancing!

Ricky Uses Distration!

The Guy Seems So Distracted!!!

The Guy Doesn't Move

Otis Uses Surpreme Explosion!

The Guy Explodes!

The Guy Dies!

Ricky And The Gang Win!

Eddie Gains Level 10!

Otis Gains Level 9!

Po Gains 10000000000000 EXP!

Ricky Gains Level 29!

George Gains Level 14!

Alex Gains 30000 EXP Just By Watching!

Guy: F-F-F*ck You.... @~@

Ricky: Yeah We Don't Really Give A Sh*t...

Everyone: ♪Boo Ba Dahp Doop Dip Dip Dahp!♪

Guy: *Dying*

Everyone: :I

Guy: *Stops Dying*

Everyone: c:

Ricky: Meh...

The End (Sorry If This Episode's A Little Fast)