I love this series so i did a thing

What does Ricky look like

George and Ricky are outside, Ricky has something to show him

Ricky: Alright George, I've been practicing a spell.

George: What kind of spell?

Ricky: It's a spell that opens a portal that creates infinite donuts!!!!

George: Aww yeeeee duuude

Ricky: I've been practicing for half a minute and i think i got it.

George: Wait, Ricky, dude. What if something bad happens? I mean, Mummy pig already hates that i spend more time with you than my family--

Ricky: gnitirw sdrawkcab si siht!

Black hole opens

George: [Screaming over the black hole noise] ARE YOU SURE THIS IS THE SAME THING!?

Ricky: [Him too] NO

Peppa: [Walks outside] [Gasp] A black hole!  I'm telling [It sucks her in] mooOOOOM!!

Ricky: Ha.

George: Ricky this is serious!!!!!

Ricky: Yeah yeah i know but consider this.. What's going on in there.

In the portal


Peppa: [Getsfreakingded]





Back in reality


Ricky: [Sitting in a beach chair] :| [Sips chocolate milk] Who cares i'm bored

George: FINE! [Stomps away in his infinite macarony boots]

Ricky: Wait! Are those infinite macarony boots!?


Ricky: The boots that are made of macaroni and last forever!?!!!!

George: Yep

Ricky: I'll do it--

George: Awesome! We should close it before--

I T ' S T O O L A T E

George: OH NOOO!!!

[Donuts cease to exist]

[World becomes a life of tree faced waffles full of rainbows of latte tree planet]

George: [Completely torn apart and dies] gtg

[Peppaverse explodes]

Peppaverse: gg bro

[Portelephants dance through the galaxy as reality starts to fade]


Mummy pig: TODAY IS A DAY FOR PANCAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do we even bother existing 

[Everything is freaking gone]

[The entire universe is white now] [Everyone is FREAKINGDED]

[Except for...]

Ricky: [Still in beach chair]...Eh. [Sips chocolate milk]

The end


  • "tree faced waffles full of rainbows of latte tree planet" Was a result of typing without really thinking
    • ​I should do that more often
  • If you don't like that i made my own Ricky and George i can delete this
  • S N O O O O O D S

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