Rival Supermarkets


Peppa: Come on, Tobias! The supermarket will be fun!

Tobias: I can change that for you with six words.

Peppa: Oh, really?

Tobias: Emily Elephant's family bought it out.

Peppa: What? Mummy, Daddy, I don't want to go to the supermarket anymore!

Mummy Pig: Why's that, Peppa?

Peppa: Emily bought it out! Look!

Mummy Pig: You're right! Tusco! And, anyway, we should go to Swinesbury's. After all, Swinesbury's is owned by a family member. *drives to the local shops*

Peppa: Look!

[A banner is shown up at Swinesbury's saying, "CEO IN-STORE APPEARANCE!!!"]

Peppa: CEO in-store appearance?

Mummy Pig: Yes, Peppa.

[The Pig family go in]

Aunty Pamela: Yes, yes, I'm the CEO, you can stop now. Oh, Amanda! I see you've brought your family!

Peppa: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Alright, Peppa, you haven't tracked any mud into the shop on our in-store appearance, have you?

Peppa: *sighs*

Elizabeth: Tell you what. If you can help us beat Tusco, I'll stop being mean to you.

Peppa: Can my gang help?

Elizabeth: As long as you help us get ahead of Tusco, I'm open to anything.

At the treehouse...

Mummy Pig: *starts filming with her uPhone*

Peppa: I feel like a snack.

Suzy: What kind of snack?

Peppa: I can't decide.

Danny: Well, at Swinesbury's, they've got all kinds of snacks.

Peppa, Suzy and Pedro: Swinesbury's?

Danny: Yeah, Swinesbury's. It's a supermarket. And not just any supermarket, they have the freshest food on the market for great prices!

Peppa: Well, gang, we're going to Swinesbury's!

Danny: Swinesbury's. 36 Browne Street, Peppatown, Peppaland.

Mummy Pig: *stops filming* That was fantastic!

At Swinesbury's....

Peppa: Oh, we missed the CEO visit!

Mummy Pig: Well, we'll drive out to the manor!

At Elizabeth's manor...

Peppa: *rings the doorbell*

Elizabeth: *opens the door* Do you have an advertisement?

Peppa: Yep!

[They go to the lounge room]

Peppa: *plays the video*

[The video plays]

Elizabeth: Honestly! We're a supermarket, not a restaurant!

Danny: Restaurant? That gives me an idea! *rings up Granny Dog*

Granny Dog: Hello?

Danny: Hey, Granny Dog. It's Danny. You know what would be a great idea? Frozen Dog's Pizza exclusive to Swinesbury's!

Granny Dog: Sorry, but that's just not happening.

Danny: Why?

Granny Dog: Well, you see, we don't make our pizza for the supermarket. We make it hot and fresh daily!

Danny: Sorry I spoke.

Granny Dog: It's okay, it's...

Danny: Goodbye.

Peppa: Hey, remember when Pedro drew that amazing Dog's Pizza ad?

Elizabeth: I don't want a hand-drawn ad!

Pedro: Okay. I'll use Swinedows Paint.



Peppa: You know what, guys? I just realized something! We've been fighting Tusco since before it existed!

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: We have?

Elizabeth: YOU HAVE? :D

Peppa: Yeah. Ever since the day we formed a gang, it's been us against Emily!

Elizabeth: Oh. That's not going to help us financially though, is it?

Peppa: Wow! You speak grown-up?

Aunty Pamela: *comes in* Good news, children! I was counting my money, and guess what? We've beaten Tusco!

Peppa: Well, there goes our chance to make a new friend.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry! I shouldn't be making friends by making them do stuff - I should get to know them!

[Cuts to the Elephants]

Mr. Elephant: Looks like we have too sell Tusco and have to reopen Elephant's Dentistry and Elephant's Pizza.

Emily: Daddy, the dentistry has already been bought and turned into a travel agency and the pizzeria has been turned into a diner.

Mr. Elephant: We will buy an old shopping center.

All: Yay.