Peppa and her family are on a road trip, Peppa gets bored. So they play car games.



(title card)

Narrator: Peppa and her family are on their way to the playground.

Peppa: This is going to be fun!

Daddy: Yes, it is!

Peppa: *giggles*

(peppa waits a bit)

Peppa: I'm bored.

Mummy: Then let's play some road games!

Peppa and George: Hooray!

Mummy: Let's play I spy with my little eye, who wants to go first?

Peppa: Me! Me!

Mummy: Okay, Peppa

Peppa: I spy with my little eye something green and big!

Mummy: Is it that hill?

Peppa: No.

Mummy: Is it that cloud?

Peppa: No Mummy, Thats white!

Mummy: What is it?

Peppa: It's daddy's big tummy!

Daddy: My tummy is not big.

Mummy: Okay, How about we play another game?

Peppa: Okay, Mummy.

Mummy: Peppa, what would you like to play?

Peppa: Hmm... I dont know what to play.

Mummy: George, what do you want to play?

George: Dinosaur, Grrrr!

Mummy: George, we can't play dinosaur.

George: Oh.

Daddy: I know what we can play, lets play Guess the word!

Mummy: Oh, That sounds like a new game.

Peppa: How do you play?

Daddy: I saw a letter and you have to guess the word.

Peppa: That sounds hard.

Mummy: Yes, Daddy Pig. That does sound hard.

Daddy: Don't worry, I say 3 words that go with the letter and you have to guess!

Peppa: Okay!

George: *oink* *oink*

Daddy: Okay, A. Is it Apple, Airplane or Air?

Mummy: I suppose its Air.

Peppa: I guess Apple!

George: Airplane!

Daddy: The answer is... Apple!

Peppa: Yay! I win!

(george crys)

Daddy: It's okay George, were here!

Peppa: But it was fun playing games.

Daddy: And you will have more fun here!

Peppa: Yes, I suppose your right.

(everyone laughs)



- First episode in season 5 where the Pigs are shown immediately after the intro.