Robo Peppa

Robo Peppa

Robo peppa is usually in the series. the Peppa we know and love is actually robo peppa. they look exactly the same. that's why she rarely goes in the water. and if she does go in water. you can tell if it robo peppa. if she spends a long time in the water, it's the real Peppa! =D! but if she only spends like, 6 seconds in the water. ITS ROBO PEPPA!!!!!!!! D=! But in ALL the episodes that she doesn't go in water (which is a lot), its robo Peppa. Thats how they keep her cheerful attitude all the time. the real Peppa is actually very sad ang gloomy all the time. so they can't keep her in the series. only in sad episodes (which again, RARLEY happen) ... do a  battle.

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