Father pork does a run fun to make money for a new playgroup


  • Narrator: It is a normal day at pippaville playgroup. the children are doing math
  • Mistress roes: How much is 64^2?
  • Susan lamb: 4096!
  • Mistress roes: Good, susan. now, how much is 10^10?
  • Rick bunny: 10000000000!
  • Mistress roes: Good, rick. and how much is...

[the playgroup explodes, again]

  • Children: ~screaming~
  • Mistress roes: What!? the playgroup exploded AGAIN!?
  • Susan lamb: NOTAGAIN
  • Mistress roes: I guess we're gonna have another sumble jale.
  • Children: NO!
  • Mistress roes: Well how else could we raise money for a new playgroup?
  • Father pork: Why not do a run fun?
  • Susan lamb: What's a runny fun?
  • Father pork: PAMPHLETS

[someone offscreen throws pamphlets in childrens' hands]

  • written on pamphlet: Playgroup exploded? don't wanna do a sumble jale? then do a run fun! a run fun is an event where someone will run very far until they pass out. the farther they run, the more money you will raise.
  • Mistress roes: well, who's gonna run in the run fun?
  • Father pork: I'LL DO IT.
  • Pippa pork: You, father? but you have quite the tummy!
  • Father pork: But i exercise everyday! so I should run in the run fun.
  • Mistress roes: alright, father pork will run in the run fun.
  • Father pork: [practices for the run fun] See? I. told. you. I. can. run. in .the. run. fun.
  • Girge pork: If you say so, if that's a 1-up for you.

[the next day]

  • Mistress roes: Today is the day of the run fun. if father pork can run from the playgroup, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way to cindy wastle, we'll earn enough money for a new playgroup.
  • Everyone: hooray!
  • Mistress roes: Ready, steady, go!

[father pork runs]

  • Everyone but father pork: [suddenly in a bus] COME ON FATHER YOU CAN MAKE IT!
  • Father pork: Your right. I CAN MAKE IT! NYAAAAAAH! [runs faster, but no faster than a bus, and runs past the supermarket]
  • Everyone but father pork: [rides up steep mountain] COME ON BUS YOU CAN MAKE IT!
  • Father pork: [runs faster] GOTTAMAKEIT [runs past grampy protections garage, and runs faster] GOTTAMAKEIT [runs up same steep mountain]
  • Mistress roes: You can stop now, father pork. you made it.
  • Father pork: [runs at maximum speed, and runs around cindy wastle] IMGONNAMAKEIT
  • Mistress roes: FATHER STAHP
  • Father pork: [runs so much he rolls back down the mountain] NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH... what'd i miss?
  • Father pork: WHAT!?! so much for that idea. guess i exercise a little too much. that would explain the tummy
  • Mistress roes: Just how old are you, anyway?
  • Father pork: 800 years old.
  • everyone: D:.....D:....800 years old!?!
  • Mistress roes: Now how are we gonna get more money for a new playgroup?
  • Muma pork: I have an idea! But...
  • Everyone: BUT!?!
  • Muma pork: but it just has another part.

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