Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and Petunia Pig are going to Japan.

Peppa: Are you ready?

They get on the plane, but Petunia got lost in the crowd, and missed the plane!

Petunia: The plane is leaving! (sprints after the plane) Wait up! (grabs plane wing and holds on) Let me in! (bangs Peppa's window) Get them to land!

Peppa is sleeping, and doesn't hear Petunia.

The rest of them can not hear Petunia.

Petunia is now climbing along the plane, but suddenly, a bird hits her, causing her to jolt, which causes the plane to flip slightly, which then causes Petunia to slip, but she catches the plane's landing wheels.

Petunia: That bird!! (climbs over to door) Lemme in!

Ms. Rabbit: Petunia NO!

Petunia: (opens door which causes object to fly out) I said to let me in! (gets in the plane then closes door) I'm in! (sits next to Peppa and George) So, what do you think of that? I just climbed a plane!


Petunia: But I didn't end up getting anyone killed, right?

George: Someones croissant fell out of the door, but no one else was hur-

Petunia: Oh, the poor croissant! NO! WHY?!?!

7 hours later,

Petunia: (looks out window)

The croissant is hanging on the wing of the plane.

Petunia: He's alive!! I must save it!! (opens door) It might mess with the planes flight, besides, what would you do if you were in my spot?!?!

Peppa: NO! Wait!

Mac+Cool: Please! Save my croissant!

Petunia: (jumps out door and catches window edge) I'll save you you little pastry! (grabs croissant then climbs up to door) I got this little guy!

But the door has been open too long, and the plane is going down.

Capt. Emergency: We're going down!

Plane crashes, but nobody is dead.

Petunia: Um, Mac+Cool?! I have your croissant!

Mac+Cool: Um.... thanks? (starts eating croissant)

The End

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