SPN (also known as Sodium Public Network) is the public broadcaster of the Island of Soda. It was originally used for the Sodium telly, but it accessed the airwaves after the invention was outlawed. 


Current programming

Former programming


  • Sync Cribs (1997-2000; 2013-present) 
  • Behind the Concert (1987-1990) 
  • HeyDays (2015-present) 
  • Jeffy Causes a Mass Shooting (2018-present) 

The Children's Area

  • Annoying (1998–99)
  • Playtime (1996-2000) 




Isaac with his new invention. (circa 1945-46)

After graduating college in 1944, Isaac Wilder wanted to pursue his dreams of inventing a machine. He bought a building with empty space to start building his new invention. Isaac modified a television set and a typewriter. He called the system SPN. There were many shows created for the invention, most notably A Child's Life starring a young Edward Johnson. A Child's Life was the most popular series and had the most votes in a 1945 poll.

On July 21, 1947, the Island of Soda outlawed the invention and called it "alien technology". He was given a month to find a new home for the network, so Isaac decided to make it a television network.

On August 1, 1947, SPN made its debut onto the airwaves and premiered with a new show called The Kiddie Corner. The network cancelled the previous shows that aired on the Sodium telly (except for A Child's Life, which ran for two more seasons). The year of 1949 saw the debut of SPN News. In 1953, Onsen debuted and became SPN's highest rated show at the time. 

In the 1980s, the Sync block was added to attract more young adults. 


Original HQ restored

The original HQ in 2017 after restoration

The first headquarters was abandoned in early-2002 after SPN dropped the OLS rebranding. The second headquarters was built in 2003, while the CEO's mansion was converted into a temporary headquarters. In 2017, the second headquarters was torn down and SPN moved back into its original headquarters.