Aw, Peppa shh it's okay I'm gonna hold you.
— Samara Pig's catchphrase

Samara Pig is a recurring character and the antagonist of Peppa Pig.


She is Peppa and George's special teenage oldest sister. She is very nice to Peppa and George; she lets them with help do her laundry and even hugs them. She calls her little brother Selmo Pig a boy baby pig". She goes to Peppatown High School; almost every pig in the class has a crush on her. Mummy Pig gave birth to her when she was 21. Her boyfriend is Jay Pig. Samara crashes in to the pig family house

She has a baby named Darren Pig Bull.

She drives a pink convertible Audi car and in this episode "Granddad Dog is Tired", she keeps crashing it and in that episode Peppa's cough and she keeps holding her.


  • Her favorite food is Butterfingers, and her favorite drink is Diet Coke.
  • She says "What is that???" to Peppa's artwork.
  • In Littlebat10's fandom, she has a pet golden pikachu