Lets see what they did one year later...

Here it goes...

sammy: yo spencer. remember when we stole a bunch of limos.

spencer: yep.

sammy: remember our new years eve.

spencer: totally dude.

sammy: remember when you got crazy for apple juice.

spencer: YEEEAH DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sammy: ok.

~spencer drinks some apple juice and goes craazy~

spencer: YEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

sammy: wtf is wrong with you.


sammy: seriously.

spencer: yep. i'm craaaazy!!!

sammy: what are ya doing?

spencer: joining ISIS.

sammy: ok. ~dials 911~

fbi agent: your under arrest for joining ISIS.

spencer: why?

fbi agent: shut up! ~handcuffs spencer~

spencer: curse you pedto the platypus!!!!!!!!

the end

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